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2017/06/15 I already posted about the Singapore Cup. The Singapore Rugby Championships (SRC) this year is another event that I have been considering going to. As I am a rugby fan, I would love to attend this event where Singapore teams will be competing. 2 of the interesting teams in the SRC were the team I have been cheering on during this series. The Singapore Reds and the Singapore Gladiators are coming in to play their season's finale against each other, and for the Singapore Reds, this is their last series. The Singapore Reds won the Singapore Cup but failed to qualify for the SRC and therefore, they will be playing their SRC season's finale. The Singapore Reds came all the way from the bottom of the table to win the Singapore Cup by taking 2 bonus points. I am quite impressed with their achievements. On the other hand, the Singapore Gladiators have been performing really well as they have improved on their performance from their inaugural year. The Gladiators have won 3 of their 4 games in their respective series and are currently top of the table. For the gladiators, they're not out of the woods yet. They only have to win this series and they will play the top team from the other division, the Titans, in the SRC. But the gladiators are up to the challenge. With their players coming from all over the world and being a part of the Singa Gladiators, the gladiators have the spirit and the passion to play for the gladiators. If they can beat the Titans, they will be going through to the finals. If the gladiators can beat the Titans, they will play the Singapore Reds in the SRC final, the first time the two teams will play each other. The SRC is a series of rugby matches that started back in 2010. All Singapore teams that qualify for the SRC are divided into 2 divisions based on their ranking. The top 2 teams from each division are promoted and the bottom 2 are relegated. The winners from the SRC will be playing the final as they have the Singapore Cup in their trophy cabinet. For the Singapore Reds, their quest for the SRC has been quite a wild ride. The Reds made their debut in the second division in 2010 and even though they were at the bottom of the table, they went all the way to the finals in the following year. But the following year, they started performing



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Nasi Lemak 2.0 Full Hd Movie Download bertelb

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